G-Health Body Fat Analyzer

Smart healthcare professional Easily- Simple- Smart-Check your body fat with G Health. You can see what is causing the weight change

g health body fat analyzer

Advantages of G Health

G-Health, a professional device that checks easily and conveniently every day from diagnosis Manage your health smartly from now on

  • Lighter than a cushion, the lipstick size is 22g 7.6cm, so you can easily carry it in a pouch.
  • If you have a smartphone, G-Health and
    space to reach, you can measure anytime, anywhere.
  • Experience the proven numerical information of Health Keeper, a medical body fat analyzer.
  • Join various sports related communities through the Q channel in the app and exercise together

G Health Body Fat Analyzer Application

G Health Analyzer

This product reproduces the technology of Health Keeper, a medical body fat analyzer. Studied the most scientific method

Excellent technology

Medical device development companyMedical body fat analyzer development experience

Thorough Verification

Seoul National University of Science and Technology’Water Weight’ verification‘DEXA’ verification with Inje University Paik Hospital

Accurate Verification

Completed independent 5-factor formula modeling More than 90% consistent with company i’s test result Accurate reproducible within 1%